Terms and conditions of sale


Our prices always exclude VAT.

Terms of payment:

Payment must be made as indicated on the invoice. If the due date is not met, we reserve the right to charge interest on arrears.

Delivery time:

Our specifications are adhered to as far as possible, but without obligation. Delays in delivery do not entitle the customer to claim damages or to withdraw from the contract. Obstacles due to force majeure release us from our commitments and give us the right to put unfinished orders on hold or to extend their delivery times. These obstacles may be, for example, epidemics, mobilisation, war, riots, fire, major disruptions in our company or in that of our suppliers, accidents, labour disputes, transport difficulties, interruptions in deliveries of raw materials or other semi-finished or finished products, scrapping of important parts, administrative measures, natural phenomena.

Reservation of ownership:

The supplier reserves ownership of the delivery until full payment has been made. The customer is obliged to participate in the measures required to protect the supplier's property.


Packaging is invoiced separately and is not taken back. However, when it has been designated as property, it must be returned to us carriage paid.


All our deliveries, carriage forward or carriage paid, are made at the customer's risk. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for damage or loss incurred during transport. Complaints relating to transport must be addressed immediately by the customer to the last carrier, upon receipt of the delivery or shipping documents. Complaints concerning the condition or defectiveness of our deliveries can only be considered if they reach us within 8 days of receipt of the delivery.


Exchange or return of products is only acceptable with the agreement of BEKA. The resulting transport and packaging costs are to be borne by the customer. BEKA reserves the right to charge the customer for any resulting costs for checking, cleaning and restocking. Spare parts and repair kits will neither be taken back nor exchanged.

Place of Execution and Jurisdiction:

The place of execution for the customer and for us is St.-Aubin. The place of jurisdiction for both parties is Boudry.

Special conditions:

Any other arrangement, whether verbal or by telephone, is only valid if confirmed in writing.

Terms and conditions of guarantee

General terms and conditions:

For new products and appliances, the warranty period is 24 months from the date of commissioning; however, it ends as soon as the vehicle has reached 100,000 km (whichever comes first), but in any case, 30 months after the date of delivery. For equipment delivered as a standard exchange, the warranty period is 12 months from the date of delivery. Beka SA undertakes, at its discretion, to repair or replace, as quickly as possible, all parts found to be defective due to poor materials, faulty construction, or poor workmanship. The return of defective parts is required by Beka SA together with a duly completed warranty claim form. The defective parts will be examined and the decision whether or not to accept the guarantee will be communicated to the claimant as soon as possible.

Repair or replacement parts:

If defective parts cannot be repaired or replaced in Beka AG's workshops for reasons for which Beka AG is not responsible, the resulting additional costs will be borne by the customer. As a matter of priority, work under warranty must be carried out by the bodybuilder or manufacturer who installed the new braking unit or system. Beka SA shall only bear the costs resulting from the repair or replacement of defective parts by a partner approved by Beka SA, after agreement or quotation. However, depending on the case, Beka SA may consider compensation based on the time spent in the workshop, calculated according to Beka SA's current rates.

Excluded damages:

All other claims by the customer based on defective delivery, in particular damages and cancellation of the contract, are excluded. Damage due to natural wear and tear, inadequate maintenance, failure to comply with regulations, excessive work, unsuitable consumables, chemical or electrolytic influences, faulty construction and assembly work and other causes for which Beka AG is not responsible are excluded from the warranty. The warranty expires if the Customer or third parties carry out modifications or repairs to the delivery without the consent of Beka AG, or if the Customer does not immediately take appropriate measures to prevent further damage and to enable Beka AG to remedy the defect. Beka AG shall perform the delivery in accordance with the contract and fulfil its warranty obligations. On the other hand, Beka AG is not liable to the customer for any further damage whatsoever.

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